Speed Up ML Model Production

High quality data collection and annotation

Collect high quality data

Collect large volumes of high-quality real world data

  • Well-trained global collector workforce.
  • Diverse data types from egocentric videos to LiDAR full room scans.
  • Automated duplicate detection, sensitive
data recognition, and quality audit technology.

Organize and enrich your data

Optimize your label spend by identifying class imbalance, errors, and edge cases in your data

  • See insights, search on custom metadata, and curate data slices to track model performance on specific scenarios.
  • Filter data on model performance metrics or explore interactive confusion matrices to quickly find specific examples of model failure.
  • Automate dataset uploads, add metadata, upload model predictions, and export data using Scale’s intuitive API.

Annotate data with immense accuracy

Quickly annotate large amounts of data at production quality

  • Support for any annotation type from human keypoints to dense point clouds.
  • Industry leading label quality at production volumes.
  • Optimize quality with human in the loop and ML powered labeling tools.
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