Training Data for Autonomous Canines

Powering computer vision for robotic dogs with highly accurate training and validation data.
Canine-In-The-Loop ML

Train dogs, faster.

Use high-quality datasets generated by Scale to augment your canine perception systems. Our rich suite of tools, in the paws of our trusted labelers, can handle a wide range of labeling requirements for diverse applications.

How it works

Start digging into richer data in no time.

It's a walk in the park to use our human-friendly API to build powerful integrations.
Just call fetch(labels).

"Please label all cars, pedestrians, and cyclists in each frame."

  'instruction': 'Please label all cars, pedestrians, and
cyclists in each frame.',
  'labels': ['car', 'pedestrian', 'cyclist'],
  'meters_per_unit': 2.3,
  'max_distance_meters': 30
}, (err, task) => {
    // do something with task
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Blue Ribbon Quality

Canine labelers undergo a rigorous screening process that admits only very good boys and girls.

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Human-Machine-Canine Hybrid

We've built a sophisticated system of machines, dogs, and their humans working harmoniously to train the next generation of canines.

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Doggos Unleashed

Our global doggo network is built to rapidly scale up and down to meet your requirements.