Why We Joined Scale

by Jim Stock on July 26th, 2019

Why We Joined Scale cover

Scale has officially expanded into Europe with a new European HQ in Munich! I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the Scale EMEA team, talk a little about why each of us joined, and provide a way to get in touch.

Nisse Knudsen

Nisse Knudsen

Before joining Scale, I worked for a German company in the data labeling space. There, I had gone head-to-head against Scale in competitive situations. Looking from the outside, there were a few things that impressed me about Scale:

  • Scale's ability to compete on quality and price
  • Scale's ability to scale quickly and meet the needs of customers despite having no presence in the local European market

I thought if Scale can have that much impact from California, what could they do with a presence in Europe? My first few weeks behind the curtain have proven this to be a great decision. The process to deliver product and innovation for our customers is very, very dynamic.

Providing solutions for autonomous driving was a natural choice for me given my background in automotive engineering and machine learning. I look forward to giving our European customers my full dedication to achieve success.

Fabian Wilckens

Fabian Wilckens

What exactly does it mean to be the EMEA Strategy Lead? It means I get to wear many, many hats! As we build out the team in Europe, I'll be responsible for things that don't have a specific person assigned to it. This would mean leading and helping out on projects around:

  • Go-to-market
  • Setting up channels and partnerships
  • Building out customer operations to ensure customers are successful and become lifelong advocates

As for why I chose to join Scale, for me, it was straightforward: Scale is at the intersection of several major trends in the technology world. The core platform empowers current and future use cases in the most exciting areas of artificial intelligence. Scale's focus on customer success, building trust and long-term relationships set Scale apart. This culture and guiding principle empowered me through my interview process.

I look forward to shaping the cultural aspects of the Scale organization in EMEA.

Gert Paczynski

Gert Paczynski

Throughout my professional career, I’ve had the pleasure (and luck!) to catch a few different waves of game changing technologies.

In the mid-nineties, I sold services to provide German customers stable and secure access to the internet. Going on to help them create their websites and develop engagement platforms. Ten years later, I was part of a team that rolled out the first deployments of Google Search Appliance when enterprise search became a strategic topic for large enterprises. This led to more recent journeys with my customers in the areas of NoSQL and Hadoop/Kafka/Spark.

Artificial Intelligence is going to be another one of these waves that changes the way society interacts with, and benefits from technology. Scale marries the best parts of technology and human intelligence to benefit its customers. This focus on making customers lifelong Scale advocates stood out to me from the start. The culture, strong investors and the impressive customer base were additional factors that weighed in my decision.

The chance to write the next chapter, both for my career and for Scale, with a focus on the autonomous vehicle market in EMEA is very exciting.

Jim Stock

Jim Stock

I outlined what I was looking for in my next career move in a LinkedIn article a month or so ago. Suffice to say I found it at Scale. During the interview process, I was lucky enough to have many of the Scale leadership team take time to talk to me about the culture of the company, plans for the future, and to help me understand the impact the team I wanted to build and I could make. As I went through those calls and meetings, one thing became clear: this is a massive market, where Scale has a phenomenal track record, an awesome team, and a wealth of possibilities in terms of future direction. And of course, as others have said, the culture is second to none.

As I look at the first few weeks we’ve had on-board here, and the months ahead, we have a lot of work ahead of us here in EMEA! Scale already has an European customer base which is a great springboard for us. We will grow the team, open our office in Munich on August 1st, start working on strategic alignment with European partners, and work on raising the awareness of the Scale brand in EMEA.

If you’d like to keep track of what we’re up to, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or sign up for an account at You can also reach me at at

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