Annotation and Collection for Content & Language

Powering Content & Language models with highly accurate training and validation data.

Conversational NLP
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Content & Language

End-to-end support for a wide range of Content & Language use cases.

Data Collection

Speech and Audio

Natural Language Processing



Content Moderation

Why Scale

Proven Scalability with Scale OS

Operational Excellence augmented by technology to optimize Quality, Speed, and Cost.

Technological & Operational Excellence

Accelerate your AI projects by ramping quickly with Scale OS, our distinct flywheel of technological and operational excellence. Combined with our globally expansive workforce, Scale OS delivers scaled solutions at high speed, with support for domain-specific and multi-lingual capabilities.

Scale OS’ reach and agility allow us to deliver high quality, swift throughput, and low costs for your projects.

Scale's Metrics
  • Algorithmic Acquisition and Matching

    Our ML-enabled system dynamically recruits and matches talent best suited to the task at hand. We continually analyze tasker expertise, historic performance, and cognitive abilities in 50+ languages across 70+ countries to ensure tasker-project fit. By finding the right people quickly, algorithmic matching allows us to optimize costs, mitigate bias, and ensure balanced semantic representation for your models.

  • Data & Quality Expertise

    Our experience designing sophisticated pipelines and navigating subjective judgments ensures the highest quality data. We are partners to the world’s most ambitious AI projects and have a strong track record of advancing and delivering on complex labeling needs. Grappling with 200+ page guidelines, 10x surges, and unexpected edge cases? Leave it to us.

  • Fast Feedback and Customized Training

    Our customized training workflows and fast feedback loops provide deep insight into the nuances of your data. Scale University’s dynamic coursework, remedial learning, hybrid consensus and review pipelines, and active tasker community help continually refine taxonomies and tease out task ambiguities to ensure your data serves your needs.


Ethical AI

We are proud to pay rates at a living wage for all regions we have Taskers. We take into account the cost of living in our calculations, and all training is provided at no cost to our Taskers. We also leverage technology to ensure a diverse and inclusive Tasker community and to help our Taskers be more efficient.

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