Auto-Annotate Tool

You can easily create a polygon, or a segmentation mask using the auto-annotate tool. Simply draw a bounding box around the object of interest, and adjust the resulting shape that has been generated!


Automatically create polygons & masks with a click

Supported task types:

  • Image Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • Semantic Segmentation

Finding the Auto-Annotate Tool

The Auto-annotate tool will only work if you have polygons (image & video annotation) or segmentation masks (semantic segmentation) as part of your taxonomy. If you do - the tool will automatically be available in the sidebar!

When you open up the labeling interface, you'll notice an icon that looks like a magic wand in the left hand side bar. Select that to get started


Using the Auto-Annotate Tool

STEP 1: Select the tool and draw a bounding box around the object of interest

Identify the object you want labeled, and draw a bounding box around it. Your box does not need to be incredibly precise - just make sure your entire object is encapsulated within the box. The auto-annotate tool will automatically make a prediction about what you are trying to label and generate a polygon or mask.


STEP 2: Refine the output by adding points of inclusion & exclusion

In cases where the generated shape needs refinement, you can easily teach the model to redraw the shape's boundaries. Click to add a point on areas that should not be part of the shape -- or add a point on areas that the model may have missed that should be part of the shape.


STEP 3: Specify the level of precision you want your shape to have (polygons only)

Use the Vertex Density slider to specify how many points you'd like to include for your polygon. The more vertices included, the more you will be able to capture the shape's form.


STEP 4: Click outside of the box to lock in your annotation

Once you are satisfied with the generated shape, click outside of the editing box to finalize the annotation. If you want to make adjustments after the fact, you will need to do it manually

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