Create Annotator Groups

You can create groups of annotators as ways of "shortcutting" some of your annotation workflows. If there are certain labelers you want to treat as one entity - you can create a specific group tailored to that set of people.

For example, you may want to create a group of annotators who are particularly good at annotating X type of a thing - and only assign them to those types of tasks. Or you may want to create a group of expert annotators who are only assigned to label the hardest tasks.

You can also easily view analytics across these different groups. If you only want to see how well your e.g., expert group is doing, you can filter for that group on the Labeler Management page.

Create a Group of Annotators

To assign a group of labelers to work on a batch, you will first need to create a group

  1. Click "Labeler Management."
  2. Check off labelers you'd like to group together (note, you can add new labelers to an existing group, or create a new group from this view).
  3. Click "Assign Group."
  4. Create a new group for the selected annotators, or add them to an existing group

Manage Group Membership

If you want to see which annotators are part of a particular group, you can use the filter to select the group you are interested in. This will show you all annotators part of that group and you can see the other performance metrics that may be of interest as well.


Removing Annotators: If you want to remove somebody from a labeling group, simply delete the group from the annotator's row.

Updated a year ago