How Rapid Works

Scale Rapid is the fastest path to production-quality labels, with no minimums. Our goal is to reduce the time to quality for any labelling project from weeks/months to hours/days.

In this section, we'll cover key concepts of how the platform works.

You bring the data

Rapid supports a wide range of project types, including text, image, and video. You can view more details in the API documentation.

Curently supported task types

Rapid provides the labelers

Taskers are the labeling workforce of Scale. They are familiar with the labeling tools and undergo continuous training to keep up to date with the specificities of each project type. Taskers on your project are broken up into:

Regular Taskers: Follow the instructions to label your data. The project you create will primarily be focused around structuring how the Taskers label your data.

Reviewers: Review labeling attempts. Reviewers maintain the quality level of the Taskers.

Rapid helps you create robust labeling projects

Rapid projects are a workspace to build and iterate on a labeling pipeline.

Like any pipeline, there are many factors that go into getting good quality.

Rapid scaffolds the experience so you can create an intuitive taxonomy & set of labeling instructions for the Taskers to execute on.

Updated 5 months ago