Early Access Promotion until 12/31/2022

Note that as part of our early access beta program, your first training run and usage of regular endpoints will be free of charge until 12/31/2022.

Pricing for model training and deployment in Rapid is based on three components

  • number of training hours (across all models/projects)
  • number of inferences for regular endpoints
  • number of hours with active production endpoints (across all models/projects)

We offer two pricing tiers, Pay-as-You-Go and Pro. Subscribing to Pro includes more consumption credits and cheaper usage rates. We also offer fully custom Enterprise deals, which can include dedicated solutions engineering, support and security features.

The charges will be automatically added to your monthly bill in Scale Rapid.

Base Subscription Fee$0 $2,500 Talk to Sales
# of Modelsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Consumption Credits*$100$5,000Custom
Per training hour$20.00$10.00Custom
Per production endpoint per hour$1.50$1.00Custom
Per regular endpoint inference$0.002$0.001Custom
Updated 21 days ago