Subscription & Billing Overview

To access your billing, and get a view into how much Labeling Units (LUs), training tasks, and evaluation tasks have been used, click your user icon on the top right, and select Billing.


To upgrade your plan, select "Need more? View plans".


Select your choice of plan, and press "Continue". You'll be presented with a confirmation page, with the ability to enter payment information.


Bill by invoice is only available in Pro and Enterprise tiers

Customers who purchase Pro and Enterprise tiers will have the option of billing by invoice. Customers who purchase Teams will purchase via credit card.


Enter your credit card information by selecting the "Add Payment" purple button to the right.


Credit card errors

If you have trouble with the system accepting your credit card information, double-check your information and try again. If you continue to experience errors, contact your card provider to confirm you have enough available credit to make the purchase. For any questions, reach out to

Your purchase will auto-renew by default 1 year from purchase date. You will receive a reminder email ~30 days before your scheduled renewal date. If you'd like to change tiers or cancel, reach out to and we'd be happy to assist.

Updated a year ago