Studio Integrations: Rapid & Nucleus

You can easily use Studio alongside Scale's suite of other AI ecosystem products such as Scale Rapid and Scale Nucleus.

Scale Rapid: Use Scale Rapid to get your data labeled with Scale's team of trained annotators. Here's how you could use Rapid & Studio together:

  • Start your project on Studio & create an additional Rapid project when you need additional help getting your data annotated
  • Pipe in your annotated results from Rapid and have your own team of experts audit the tasks on Studio

Scale Nucleus: Use Scale Nucleus to debug your dataset and identify annotations that need to be fixed. Here's how you could us Nucleus & Studio together:

  • Use Nucleus to find annotations that are missing and need to be labeled, or that are incorrect and need to be relabeled. Send them to Studio to be fixed by your own team doing QA work.
  • Use Studio for all your initial data annotation, and send your dataset results to Nucleus to debug
Updated a year ago