Scale 101: Workflow

Task Creation

Once your data is hosted in a way that Scale can access it, you'll submit an API call every piece of data that needs to be labeled.

We recommend grouping similar work into Projects.

Typically, we've seen our customers write a script that can iterate through the data and submit an API call for each file, specifying the parameters and instructions needed to label the data accurately.

Task Labeling

Once a task is submitted, we have a global workforce of "Taskers" that will begin to label your task. You will be able to easily monitor the task status via Customer Dashboards.

We highly recommend starting to label in small batches of less than 20 tasks to ensure the quality and delivery is as you expect it to be.

For On-Demand Customers, Tasks are typically returned in 1-3 days.

For Enterprise Customers, we'll work with you on a delivery schedule that works for your requirements. We can support extremely high and dynamic volumes, customized to your needs.

Task Completion

Once a task has been labeled, you'll see the task status move to be completed. The task will now have a JSON response associated with it that you can download via our platform.

Inside the web application, you can download a given task's response, or do a bulk export over a filterable range of tasks.

We have APIs to support the programmatic retrieval of Tasks given a Task Id, or to list all tasks meeting customizable filter criteria.

Lastly, we fully support callbacks as tasks are moved to a completed or error status or have other actions taken on them, allowing fully programmatic access to your labeled data.

Updated 2 years ago