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Intelligent document processing with customized machine learning models for data extraction at the highest quality.



Cut Costs. Reduce Mistakes. Bill of Ladings, Invoices, Packing Lists, Arrival Notices, and more.

Financial Services

Financial Services

High Accuracy. Fast Turnaround. Invoices, Mortgage, Insurance, Tax Documents, and more.



Minimize Errors. Increase Quality. Claims Forms, Medical Records, Billing Documents, and more.

Operationalized ML
illustration of shapesHow It Works

Customized Solutions Across Industries

High accuracy machine learning models fine-tuned to your exact use cases for extracting key fields from your documents

"Extract and link relationships in the Bill of Lading at 99% accuracy."

  callback_url: '',
  instruction: 'Extract fields and link relationships.',
  params: {
      attachments: [
          type: 'pdf'
          content: 'bill_of_lading.pdf'
      labels: ['M&No', 'Description', ...],
      boundingboxes: true,
illustration of Why ScaleeWhy Scale

Proven Results with Operationalized ML

Intelligent document processing optimized for Quality, Speed, and Cost even at high volumes.

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    Guaranteed Quality

    Extract detailed information and provide guaranteed high accuracy with machine learning models trained on millions of examples. Processed documents will always meet your requirements.

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    Customizable Models

    No more low quality, generic solutions. Scale delivers fine-tuned machine learning models for high-quality document processing to address exact customer use cases within days.

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    Ready for Production

    Quickly deploy a production document processing solution with an easy-to-use API that can integrate seamlessly into your existing tech stack and business workflows.

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    Integrated Human Review

    Leverage Scale’s human-in-the-loop review augmented with technology and quality assurance checks built into our systems to rapidly monitor and prevent errors.

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    Guaranteed Fast Turnaround

    Achieve SLA turnaround as fast as a few seconds for fully automated document processing or a few hours with additional human review to meet business requirements.

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    Trusted Technical Team

    Work with an industry leader and technical partner. We’re engineers and machine learning researchers with subject matter expertise to help you adapt to current and future needs as you scale your business.

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Trusted by World Class Companies

Scale is trusted by leading technology teams to power data extraction and automation workflows.

illustration of a cityEnterprise Ready

Custom Annual Plans and SLAs

Get started today or chat with us about an enterprise plan.

  • Guaranteed High-Quality Task Completion

    Enterprise-grade SLAs include up to instant turnaround times and guaranteed high quality document processing that can be rapidly scaled to meet your requirements.

  • 24/7 Development Support

    Each enterprise customer is paired with a dedicated customer success engineer who will ensure smooth integration and continued service.

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  • Cost Effective

    Enterprise engagements include upfront and volume-based discounts, and is the most cost-effective solution for high-quality document processing.

illustration of shapesQuality Assurance

Best-In-Class Quality Choice

Industry leading quality engine to safe-guard against ever-changing, unstructured data.

Super Human Quality

Our machine learning models are able to continuously improve by leveraging active learning to adapt to new, previously unseen examples in a production setting.

Scale also provides additional layers of both human and machine learning driven quality control checks to achieve much higher accuracy while maintain efficencies, as measured against rigorous statistical criteria.

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