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Messy, tedious applications


Error-prone OCR

After Scale


High accuracy, fast extraction


Focus on lending decision, not extraction

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Invoices, Mortgage Applications, Tax Documents, IDs, and more

Move to real-time when servicing your customers without sacrificing accuracy. With Document AI, underwriters become more efficient and accounting can issue expenses faster. Optional human-in-the-loop QA is available.


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Accuracy and Fast Turnaround are Guaranteed

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Human-Level Accuracy

Our use of various Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing models, plus fine-tuning, enables much higher quality data extraction than either hard-coded templates or human annotation. We optionally provide human-in-the-loop QA when regulations or industry specific needs demand it.

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ML Means Continual Improvement

We leverage sophisticated base machine learning (ML) models trained on millions of data points, and further refine those models for each customer use case. Thus, our ML models achieve much higher quality, generalize across challenging document types, and continually improve as we continue to process more data.

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Transparency with Data Metrics and Insights

We don’t stop at extracting data from your documents. To increase your operational efficiency, you get access to our metrics dashboard to review your pipeline analytics, visualization tools to audit your data easily, a feedback platform to give easily correct errors, and data management portal. You can also check performance versus SLAs.

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Trusted by World Class Companies

“The combination of the Blend platform with Scale’s Document AI ensures the swift, accurate extraction and validation of data from documents, enabling bankers to make data-driven decisions with confidence.”

Jeff Braddock

Manager of Product Partnerships, Blend

“Unlike OCR that basically just extracts information and then leaves to our engineers all the work of understanding the context, Scale Document actually figures out the context for us, and that requires minimal work on our side to actually build and integrate the whole pipeline.”

Henrique Dubugras

Founder and Co-CEO, Brex

“Scale has provided the fuel to put our machine learning systems on overdrive. They make sure the highest quality training data is there in time to meet our aggressive roadmap. Lenders and borrowers will experience faster and more efficient closings sooner as a result.”

Andy Mahdavi

Chief Data Science Officer, Doma

“OpenAI threw a bunch of tasks at Scale AI with difficult characteristics, including tight latency requirements and significant ambiguity in correct answers. In response, Scale worked closely with us to adjust their QA systems to our needs.”

Geoffrey Irving

Member of Technical Staff, OpenAI

With Scale Document AI, document processing is a breeze.