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The Learning Curve: Scale Mapping

Recorded Jul 14th @ 7PM Coordinated Universal Time

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The Learning Curve: Scale Mapping

Scale Mapping is our latest solution to help customers develop and scale their own custom maps. In this tech talk, we discuss the technical and operational challenges inherent in scaling HD maps and share how we scale mapping for our customers.

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Elliot Branson

Elliot Branson is a Director of Engineering at Scale AI, where he leads the Machine Learning, 3D, and Platform teams as well as the development of new products such as Nucleus and GIS. Prior to Scale AI, Elliot founded and led the perception and AI team at Cruise Automation and also worked on Project Tango at Goo


Mariya Jacobo

Mariya (Mar) Jacobo is a Product Manager at Scale AI, where she leads the Mapping and Design teams. Prior to Scale AI, Mar was the Product Lead at Luminar Technologies and Head of Product at Cruise Automation where she set product strategy and led teams to build innovative user experiences.

Steven Hao

Steven Hao is a Software Engineer at Scale AI where he leads the technical development of Mapping. An early employee of the company, Steven has worked across multiple products including Scale 3D Sensor Fusion, Scale Image and Scale Video. Prior to Scale AI, Steven studied combinatorics and algorithms, and was a to


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