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Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams

Global Head of iQ, Qualtrics


As the Global Head of iQ at Qualtrics, an experience management software platform, Dr. Catherine Williams leads the engineering and applied science teams that build advanced intelligent features into the Qualtrics experience management products and platform, leveraging cutting edge text analytics, predictive intelligence, and statistical analysis to help customers better understand and act on their data in real time. Catherine has extensive background and expertise in data science and beyond; prior to her work at Qualtrics, Catherine led data science, analytics, and product organizations at AppNexus and Xandr (part of AT&T) as Chief Data Scientist and Chief Data and Marketplace Officer. She received her BA from Grinnell College and her PhD in Mathematics at University of Washington and held postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford and Columbia Universities. Outside of work, Catherine enjoys exploring the outdoors, running, and spending quality time with her two boys.

Recent Breakthroughs in NLP and Future Potential

March 26, 2021

8:45 PM - 9:30 PM (45 minutes) - Coordinated Universal Time

Over the past year, advancements in NLP really showcased its potential to change how we interact with technology. From the 17-billion parameter Turing-NLG model to widespread adoption of Transformers to the magical GPT-3 demos, it feels like we've entered a new era: one where, for the first time, humans aren't alone in our mastery of natural language comprehension and generation. To machines, text strings are no longer black boxes and better understood as a store of complex human insight.
But beyond the hype (or because of it), what's changed for industry NLP applications? Is this the "Image Net" moment for NLP and where does it go from here? What are the large enterprise or consumer areas we haven't seen disrupted by NLP yet? What challenges are on the road to putting this magic in people's hands?
Industry leaders share their perspectives on these questions and more as NLP continues to be embedded in products used by millions around the world.

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