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Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas

Co-founder, fast.ai

Director, USF Center for Applied Data Ethics


Rachel Thomas is director of the USF Center for Applied Data Ethics and co-founder of fast.ai, where she helped create the most popular free online course on deep learning, bringing people from around the world with diverse and nontraditional backgrounds into AI. Rachel earned her PhD in mathematics at Duke University and previously worked as a data scientist and software engineer. She was selected by Forbes as one of 20 Incredible Women in AI and was profiled in the book Women Tech Founders on the Rise. She wrote chapters for the books 97 Things About Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know and Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch.

Rachel’s writing has been read by nearly a million people; has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Korean, & Portuguese; and has made the front page of Hacker News 9x. Some of her most popular articles include:

Rachel’s talks include:

fast.ai: The Why, How, and Future of Democratizing ML

March 26, 2021

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM (30 minutes) - Coordinated Universal Time

For the first time ever, Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas, co-founders of fast.ai, sit down for a fireside chat explaining why they started fast.ai, how it progressed from classes to a software platform, the importance of community, and where they see the future direction of fast.ai. They also dive into the importance of first-principles problem solving and creativity, versus relying on throwing as much compute at the problem as possible.

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