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Adrian Macneil

Co-founder and CEO, Foxglove


Adrian Macneil is the co-founder and CEO of Foxglove (, providing powerful data management and visualization software for robotics. Prior to founding Foxglove, Adrian led Infrastructure and Developer Tools at Cruise. Adrian has a passion for improving developer productivity, and believes that optimizing the developer feedback loop is critical to unlocking rapid innovation in robotics.

During his time at Cruise, Adrian faced firsthand the challenges scaling a robotics team, especially in a vertical as data-intensive as autonomous vehicles. Data sits at the heart of robotics, and scaling the Cruise engineering organization necessitated development of many custom tools to manage, categorize, transform, label, and visualize data, both real-world and simulated.

Foxglove offers a powerful solution for visualizing and collaboration over robotics data. It is optimized for the types of multimodal data common in robotics, seamlessly integrating images, point clouds, and robot state into a single interface. Foxglove’s open source visualization platform is web-based, accessible from anywhere, and easily extensible via custom plugins.

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