Chu-Cheng Hsieh avatar

Chu-Cheng Hsieh

Chief Data Officer, Etsy


Chu-Cheng manages the data org across Etsy globally, including engineering, data science, and machine learning. Partnering with Etsy’s product and business executives, he develops the data strategy, represents data science, and drives high-impact decisions. He is specialized in search engine technology, recommendation systems, and machine learning technology. His primary responsibility is to deliver strategic and creative data science approaches that help achieve Etsy’s mission and goals.

Chu-Cheng received PhD in computer science from UCLA. In his leisure time, he enjoys innovating and collaborating with academic researchers. He has brought cutting-edge research into products. He publishes papers in top-tier conferences and enjoys participating at a variety of academic or industrial conferences on information retrieval, recommendation systems, and data mining.

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