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Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan

Vice President, Engineering, Flipkart


Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan is Vice President, Engineering at Flipkart which is India's largest eCommerce provider. His team, based in Seattle, Washington, works on Conversational AI using deep learning technologies.

Prior to Flipkart, Dr. Krishnan worked at Microsoft where he worked on Bing Local Search Relevance and Metrics and at Amazon where he worked on improving the employee experience in warehouses using data science. He built the data team at Sweetgreen and pioneered the concept of salad embeddings to identify salad combinations that customers have not tried yet but are likely to love.

Dr. Krishnan has founded two companies with successful exits and has also worked as a consultant to startup companies and venture capitalists. He has an academic background in neural networks and Computer Vision. He taught Computer Science for 8 years at Stetson University. He has several publications in Computer Vision and Neural Networks and two patents in eCommerce.

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