The comprehensive annotation platform for images.

drone view of houses rooftoops
Why Scale

Accelerate the Development of AI Applications

Scale Image is the most comprehensive annotation platform for image data. Capable of supporting a wide range of annotation types for computer vision, natural language and classification applications, machine learning teams trust Scale Image to accelerate and ensure the successful deployment of high-quality models.

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    Automated Quality Pipeline

    Tech-enabled quality assurance systems built into the product to reduce costly human review without sacrificing quality. Customers are also provided transparency in regards to quality with a QA tool and dashboard metrics.

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    Operational Excellence

    Operational excellence and expertise means extreme flexibility on quality and annotation requirements. Flexibly ramp up or down large-volume data pipelines without sacrificing quality.

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    ML-Powered Data Labeling

    The Scale AI Platform is built by machine learning engineers for machine learning engineers. Scale Image leverages machine learning to power pre-labeling and tooling to annotate large volumes of images efficiently.

Use Cases

Computer Vision & NLP

Develop accurate models to locate and identify objects, extract structured text from images and classify images. Ensure the success of your AI projects with Scale Image.

Object Detection

Locate and identify objects of various classes.

  • Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS

  • Product Identification

  • Damage and Defect Detection

  • Face Detection and Pose Estimation

Object Detection

Classify images according to its visual content.

  • Search and Ad Relevance

  • Product Cataloging and Recommendations

  • Policy Enforcement

Text Recognition

Identify and extract structured text from images.

  • Document Processing

  • Image Transcription

Text Recognition
How It Works

Easy to Start, Optimize and Scale

Build models you can trust while maximizing operational efficiency and reducing the cost of ML projects.

"Draw a box around each rooftop and pool."
  callback_url: '',
  instruction: 'Draw a box around each rooftop and pool.',
  attachment: '',
  objects_to_annotate: ['pool', 'rooftop'],
  with_labels: true,
  min_width: 30,
  min_height: 30
}, (err, task) => {
    // do something with task
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