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The flexible solution to develop and scale your own custom maps.


Mapping Products

  • Scale Multi-Source Maps

    • Multi-source

    • Observable and semantic features

    • Fully customized taxonomy

  • Lidar Maps

    • Onboard camera integration

    • Observable and semantic features

    • Fully customized taxonomy

  • Map Updates

    • Rapid turnaround

    • Road feature changes

    • Model enhancement

How it works

Easily Start, Optimize, and Scale HD Maps


Accelerate ML Development and HD Map Creation

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    Your Maps, Your Way

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    Multi-Sensor Support

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    Comprehensive Labeling

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    High Quality at Speed

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    Change Detection & Updates

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    Automated Quality Pipeline

“We really value our partnership with Scale and their ability to deliver custom workflows that suit our needs across a variety of mapping and deep learning models. Scale's high-quality, rapidly labeled data will enable us to ramp our map expansion, allowing us to provide more service to customers like Dominos.”

Eleonor Concepcion

Software Operations Program Manager, Nuro

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