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RLHF for Large Language Models

Powering the next generation of language models, today.

AI Text Generator
Trusted by the world's most ambitious AI teams.
RLHF Use Cases

Optimize language applications with human feedback

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content generation

Content generation

Generate compelling and engaging content



Understand queries and return superior responses

computer programming

Computer Programming

Accelerate and enhance software development

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Reinforcement Learning

Powering industry-leading LLMs

The world’s most ambitious AI teams trust Scale to provide highest quality data for their language models. Our platform offers a highly specialized workforce across languages and domains with unparalleled scalability and flexible tools.

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High quality

Specialized Workforces

Generate best-in-class quality data with skilled annotators in domains including linguistics, programming, mathematics and many more.

Flexible Annotation

Instant Feedback Loop

Get the data you need with customized training workflows and a fast feedback loop with minimal overhead.

Proven Scalability

Exponential Ramp

Quickly ramp up to production volumes without sacrificing quality. Our global workforce, combined with cutting-edge technology like advanced linting, ensures we deliver on complex labeling needs.

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Optimize your LLM with RLHF today

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