Ponce, Puerto Rico
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AI Smart Port Lab

Empowering port operators with AI to improve working conditions, decrease costs, and increase throughput.

Port of Ponce

Scale Upgrades the Port of Ponce

Port street view

Scale’s Smart Port Lab is being built in the Port of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

  • How will Scale build the Smart Port?

    What is Scale doing for the 
Port of Ponce?

  • Why the Port of Ponce?

    Why the Port of Ponce?

  • What is Scale Doing for the
Port of Ponce?

    How will Scale build the Smart Port?

"I welcome Scale AI’s investment in Puerto Rico…the integration of digital and artificial intelligence solutions will be key for the creation of jobs and economic development in the south of Puerto Rico."

Pedro R. Pierluisi

Governor, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

"Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly help streamline shipping and logistics processes, resulting in greater economic activity for Ponce, job creation, and new opportunities to attract foreign capital."

Manuel Cidre

Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

"The Smart Port Lab from Scale AI is poised to be a game-changer for economic development in Puerto Rico. This initiative will help Ponce become a critical hub for inbound and outbound logistics by creating a cutting-edge AI-enabled facility, enhancing Puerto Rico’s competitiveness and ability to attract more business and investment to the region."

Ella Woger-Nieves

CEO, Invest Puerto Rico, Invest Puerto Rico

"I am thrilled to welcome Scale AI to Puerto Rico. This investment of $2 million represents a groundbreaking opportunity to innovate and to transform the Port of Ponce from a FEMA disaster site, to a world-class Smart Port."

Jenniffer Gonzalez Colon

Resident Commissioner, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

How the Port Will Operate

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