Batch Tab



Batches are a way for you to organize tasks within a project. You can assign custom names for your batches. Our customers use batches to organize their tasks based on location, date, or any other types of metadata.

Batch Creation

  • Batch creation can only be done via our API

  • The API key that you use to create batches/projects/tasks must all match: test projects can only be used with test batches, and test tasks; likewise with live projects, live batches, and live tasks.


  • Batch is created (status staging)

  • Tasks are added to batch (must specify what batch to add to in task creation request), at this point in time tasks cannot be worked on

  • Batch is finalized (status inprogress)

  • Tasks are worked on and completed (new tasks cannot be added to this batch)

  • Final task is completed, batch is completed (status completed) and callback is fired

Batch Filters

In the customer dashboard, you can see all of your batches, batch submission date, completion percentage, and audit results.

For power users, we also provide a variety of filters so that you can filter on submission date, progress, and audit status.

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