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Automotive Foundation Model

Introducing AFM-1

The Automotive Foundation Model empowers teams to deliver advanced computer vision capabilities for Autonomous Vehicles to safely perceive and navigate complex environments.

AFM-1 is a single model based on the transformer architecture that can handle numerous task types without fine-tuning. The GIF below highlights how the model can detect and segment across different task types and classes.

AFM-1 will enable your ML teams to:

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Readily find the data you need

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Get higher-quality, lower-cost data

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Increase development velocity

State-of-the-Art Computer Vision

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How we Scale

Test Drive Our Automotive Data Engine

Scale’s Automotive Data Engine has everything you need to drive model improvements with data.

Data Labeling
Industry-leading annotation of 2D and 3D data sourced from multiple sensors. Achieve high quality data at low cost from ML-assisted labeling workflows, best in class operations, and advanced labeling interfaces.
Data Curation
Explore both labeled and unlabelled data. Understand dataset distribution, curate data matching target scenarios and send data for annotation.
Model Evaluation
Analyze the performance of your machine learning models. Explore model metrics, identify model weaknesses and evaluate your model on scenario tests.

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