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ML Development

Data-Centric ML Lifecycle

Scale’s mission is to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. We do this by providing a data-centric, end-to-end solution to manage the entire ML lifecycle.

  • Annotate

  • Manage

  • Automate

  • Evaluate

  • Collect

  • Generate

Annotate Content & Language

Gather Human Insight

Retrieve human insights for search relevance, ecommerce, natural language processing, audio transcription, document processing and more. Operational excellence augmented by technology enables us to exceed demanding quality, cost, and latency requirements.

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Named Entity Recognition
Speech and Audio
Annotate Computer Vision

Scale Advanced Annotations

Annotate large volumes of 3D sensor, image, and video data at high throughput. ML-powered pre-labeling and an automated quality assurance system ensure high quality annotations for the most safety critical applications.

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3D Semantic Segmentation
Video Polygon
“Very quickly, our engineers liked what they saw and we asked Scale to ramp 10X throughput in a matter of weeks. Scale’s been able to support the extra throughput request and allowed us to do great research.”

David Garber

Product Manager, TRI

“Scale has provided the fuel to put our machine learning systems on overdrive. They make sure the highest quality training data is there in time to meet our aggressive roadmap. Lenders and borrowers will experience faster and more efficient closings sooner as a result.”

Andy Mahdavi

Chief Data Science Officer, States Title

“We appreciate how the Scale AI team proactively seeks feedback and holds themselves accountable. Their QA team is careful and quick to seek clarification, and their attention to detail has produced some truly impressive results.”

Rachel Basse

Data Engineer, Skydio

“It was easy to get started with Scale AI because they had the platform and the people with the skillset to perform the annotation tasks we needed. While we’re much bigger now and could potentially handle the volume of annotation tasks, why would we want to? We believe we should leave data annotation to experts like Scale so we can focus on perfecting the retail shopping experience with regard to the use of AI.”

Virginia Puccio

Head of Data Operations, Standard Cognition

“We really value our partnership with Scale and their ability to deliver custom workflows that suit our needs across a variety of mapping and deep learning models. Scale's high-quality, rapidly labeled data will enable us to ramp our map expansion, allowing us to provide more service to customers like Dominos.”

Eleonor Concepcion

Software Operations Program Manager, Nuro


Manage Your Datasets

Quickly choose what data to label with active learning and advanced querying. Visualize data, identify edge cases with integrated model predictions, and solve the long tail with Scale Nucleus.

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Search Visualization
Visual Similarity Search

Automate Document Processing

Achieve robust document understanding and extraction across any document type. Pre-trained but fine-tuned with your data to your exact use case, Scale Document AI guarantees 99%+ quality and low latency to reduce costs up to 90%+ with an optional human-in-the-loop review.

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Invoice Extraction Model
Bill of Lading Extraction Model
Pathology Extraction Model

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Test, Validate & Debug Models

Upload predictions to Nucleus via API. Track model performance, compare model runs, sort failure examples by metrics of interest, and build model unit tests out of curated dataset slices to catch regressions in key scenarios.

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Model Performance
Model Validation
Model Debugging

Collect Diverse Data

Collect and generate representative text and audio data in 50+ languages across 70+ countries. Data collection workflows are API supported and seamlessly integrate with Scale’s data labeling pipeline. Image and Video collection coming soon.

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Audio Collection
Text Collection

Generate Synthetic Data

Augment ground-truth training data with infinite varieties of synthetic data and expose your model to more data than you can otherwise collect. Confidently develop generalizable ML models by understanding how they will react to rare or dangerous real-world scenarios before you encounter them in production.

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Synthetic Data

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Use Cases

Scale‘s AI platform has been used to create AI in nearly every industry.

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