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Make the best models with the best data. Scale Data Engine leverages your enterprise data, and with Scale GenAI Platform, safely unlocks the value of AI.

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AI for the Enterprise

Generative AI Architecture

Whether you’re building your own models or applying foundation models to your business, data remains the biggest bottleneck to AI.

Data modelRLHF layer from data modelFoundation models layer from data modelEnterprise quality layer from data model

Enterprise GenAI Platform

The only full-stack GenAI Platform for your Enterprise, powered by the Scale Data Engine.

Fine-Tuning and RLHF

Adapt best-in-class foundation models to your business and your specific data to build sustainable, successful AI programs and data from your enterprise.

Foundation Models

Scale partners or integrates with all of the leading AI models, from open-source to closed-source, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Google PaLM, Cohere, and more.

Enterprise Data

Scale's Data Engine enables you to integrate your enterprise data into the fold of these models, providing the base for long-term strategic differentiation.


Build AI

Scale Data Engine

For AI teams, Scale Data Engine improves your models by improving your data.


Powering the next generation of Generative AI

Scale Generative AI Data Engine powers the most advanced LLMs and generative models in the world through world-class RLHF, data generation, model evaluation, safety, and alignment.

AI Text Generator

Data Labeling

The best quality data to fuel the best performing models

Scale has pioneered in the data labeling industry by combining AI-based techniques with human-in-the-loop, delivering labeled data at unprecedented quality, scalability, and efficiency.

Data Curation

Unearth the most valuable data by intelligently managing your dataset

Scale’s suite of dataset management, testing, model evaluation, and model comparison tools enable you to “label what matters.” Maximize the value of your labeling budget by identifying the highest value data to label, even without ground truth labels.


We have changed the game of AI data—hear it from our customers.

From RLHF to data labeling to model evaluation to enterprise apps, learn from experts why Scale is key to any AI strategy.

The U.S. intelligence community has spent an enormous amount of resources on collection but the sheer volume that returns is a huge problem. Scale’s LLMs are the tool that will allow the IC to finally and fully exploit all of that intelligence that has been collected.

Michael Burns

Former Deputy Director of Analysis, Central Intelligence Agency

ChatGPT is a great research capability, but Scale AI’s production-ready LLM not only learned from decades of intelligence collection but also explains how and when it received its mission critical intelligence. That’s an operational imperative to earn commander trust.

Morgan Bishop

Computer Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

Scale has a great focus on helping companies improve the quality of their data and the usability of their data. Scale has seen so many different applications of AI across so many different kinds of companies. I think it’s well positioned to help a company assess where it is, what’s the state of its data, what’s the state of its systems, and what kind of capability and preparedness to use sophisticated algorithms.

Jeff Wilke

Retired CEO, Amazon Worldwide Consumer, Amazon Worldwide Consumer

One of the things we love about Scale is the fact that we can fully label the world. We can label 2D bounding boxes, 3D bounding boxes, but also semantic segmentation, including in 3D, to understand as much as possible, including scenarios we don’t foresee today.

Adrien Gaidon

Machine Learning Lead, Toyota Research Institute

Thanks to companies like Scale, a lot of these SaaS tools are building intelligent capabilities into their products[...] that’s a path for a lot of companies to get value from AI without becoming AI shops, which is a really formidable challenge

Bret Taylor

Retired President & COO, Salesforce

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