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Our API provides access to human-powered data for hundreds of use cases.

"Label all cars, pedestrians, and cyclists in each frame."

  instruction: 'Label all cars, pedestrians, and cyclists in each frame.',
  labels: ['car', 'pedestrian', 'cyclist'],
  meters_per_unit: 2.3,
  max_distance_meters: 30
}, (err, task) => {
    // do something with task
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    ML-powered annotation tooling and quality assurance systems deliver high quality at low cost.

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    Operational excellence to provide extreme flexibility on quality and annotation requirements.

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    Efficiently scale large and multiple data pipelines to realize the impact of AI/ML projects.

How It Works

After sending us your data via API call, our platform through a combination of human work and review, smart tools, statistical confidence checks and machine learning checks returns scalable, accurate ground truth data.

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Large-scale datasets for cutting-edge autonomous vehicle research.


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