Downloading Data

To retrieve your data from Scale, use the Scale API, Python SDK, or Sail SDK. We'll be working with the task retrieval endpoint which supports a variety of filtering options.

Once you have the option you want to use and found the Scale tasks you want to download, you'll want to review the callback format to know what each of the response fields means. Each type of task has its own callback format. For example, this is how the response format for Image Annotation with Polygons looks (at the bottom): Polygons or for 2d segmentation: Callback Format.

Option 1: Scale API - Listing Multiple Tasks

Our API docs have support for listing multiple tasks.

Option 2: Python SDK

If you're working with Python, we highly recommend leveraging our Python SDK.

The specific function we'll be using with the Python SDK is the "List Tasks" function.

Option 3: Sail SDK

Sail is a data pipeline starter kit. The script in the Sail SDK can be used for downloading all tasks from a project.

Updated about 2 months ago