Tasks Tab


The Tasks tab allows you to view a more granular list of your submitted tasks, filterable by status, project, and batch.


It is possible your task filters will hide all tasks. Please check your task filters carefully!

Task Filters

You can search through your tasks using the following filters:


1. Project name: Please select the project from the bar on the left

2. Live Tasks / Test Tasks: Test tasks are used to testing purposes and live tasks are used for labeling. This environment is accessible through our API using the associated API keys (Test_xxx, Live_xxx)

3. Tasks completed/created in range : Select the task completion or creation date range

4. Task Status

5. Audit Status

6. Batch name: Batches are an optional way to organize and name tasks.

In Progress vs. Queued

You can only cancel tasks that are Queued.

Once the status of a task has moved into In Progress that means the task is already being worked on and can no longer be canceled.

For further information please reach out to [email protected]

Exporting JSON

There are two ways for exporting JSON
1. Export JSON for all Tasks


Please note that there is a 1,000 task limit. If you want to download more, please use our API instead.

2. Export JSON for each Task Individually


Task Details

1. Task Preview

2. Instructions


Note: this will only export 1000 tasks. If you want to export more, you must use the task API endpoint.

4. Callback body

Audit Tasks

To audit tasks, please navigate to the “Quality” tab. This will allow you to generate a random sample of completed tasks that you can review. In this view you can:

To learn more about this workflow, please see our best practices here.

Cancel Tasks

You can only cancel tasks via the API - you can learn more about this endpoint here.

You can only cancel tasks that are Queued.

Please do not cancel tasks that are In Progress. These tasks are already being worked on. Cancelling these tasks may result in a charge to compensate for the existing work.

Note: Completed tasks cannot be cancelled.

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