Quality Tab


The Quality tab allows you to audit a random sample of tasks for quality and view stats for tasks you’ve audited


Why should you audit tasks?

Auditing tasks allow you to provide feedback directly to our taskers. This will help us identify common errors or clarify edge cases

Auditing Workflow

There are two ways to audit tasks:

  1. Audit completed tasks individually

  2. Audit all completed tasks within a date range

  3. Audit all tasks completed across a specific week

How to audit completed tasks individually:

  1. In the Tasks tab, filter on the Completed tasks

  2. Search for the task that you want to audit and click on "Audit Task"


How to audit all completed tasks within a date range:

  1. In the Quality tab, select the specified task date range, audit or batch status

  2. Click on the "Audit Tasks" button - this will allow you to audit a random sample of tasks


Audit all tasks completed across a week:

  1. In the Quality tab go to the "Tasks completed last week" tab under "Report"

  2. Select Audit for the desired week


Auditing Tasks

If you have multiple people on your team auditing at the same time, we will “lock” each task so that only one person can audit one task at a time. This was designed to prevent conflicted copies.

Audit Feedback

Within the audit workflow, you are able to make the following selections:

Reject vs. Make Changes

  • Both Reject and Make Changes will provide feedback to the Scale team about the quality of your tasks.

  • For quick or minor changes, please Make Changes as you will get an updated callback response right away. In addition, not all rejected tasks will be resubmitted. Please contact your engagement manager if you want to discuss re-dos

  • For critical and more structural misunderstanding of the instructions, please Reject the task and provide detailed feedback! This will help our taskers to improve.

Audit Reports

Callback Body

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