API Compatibility Policy

The Scale REST API is versioned via a prefix in the URL. Currently, we only support v1 of the API via https://api.scale.com/v1/. Within an API version, we strive to only make backward-compatible changes to the API. This means that a client that integrates with v1 of our REST API will continue to work when querying v1 in the future.

Backward-compatible changes

Backward-compatible changes can be made within an API version, and include:

  • Adding new optional request parameters or HTTP request headers.

  • Making a required request parameter optional.

  • Rejecting a request which contains invalid parameter values, as a result of improved parsing and validation. Improperly formed requests that were previously accepted may be later rejected.

  • Adding new fields to a response or callback object.

  • Adding new values for existing parameters that have enumerated sets of values.

  • Undocumented functionality may be removed or changed at any time.

Backward-incompatible changes

Backward-incompatible changes will only happen in a new version of the API, and include:

  • Changing the behavior of existing request parameters.

  • Changing the names of elements used in API POST or PUT requests.

  • Adding a new required request parameter.

  • Changing the meaning of parameters that have enumerated values, or the meanings of those parameter values.

  • Changing the meaning or type of existing response or callback fields.

  • Changing the meaning of an API route.

Deprecation policy

At times, we will deprecate and remove parts of our API that can no longer be supported. In this case, we will make a best effort to identify and notify affected users, and will continue to support the deprecated API during the migration process.

Updated 22 days ago