Reaching a Human

Got stuck? We’d love to help.

The best way to reach a human is to email

We encourage you use our support email for any questions and concerns or issues with our platform or our product.

This email is closely monitored by our field engineering team. When an email is sent to, you will receive a response which will guide you through the process of making a Zedesk account. We use Zendesk to organize and keep track of the progress of your requests.

What to Include:

When filing a technical support request please include:

  1. The email used to create your customer account

  2. The project name or task id you are seeing issues with

For Application questions, also include:

  1. The URL you were at when the error occurred.

  2. Screenshots / screen recording of issue

  3. Browser and operating system used (i.e Chrome on Windows)

For API questions, also include:

  1. The endpoint you are leveraging

  2. Any error response you are getting

  3. We’d love it if you could share a sample request or snippet of code that we can reproduce your issue with

Updated 6 months ago