Large Language Models for U.S. National Security.

Achieve mission objectives with transformative, next-gen AI purpose-built for intelligence and operations.

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The U.S. intelligence community has spent an enormous amount of resources on collection but the sheer volume that returns is a huge problem. Scale’s LLMs are the tool that will allow the IC to finally and fully exploit all of that intelligence that has been collected.

Michael Burns

Deputy Director of Analysis, Central Intelligence Agency (Retired)

ChatGPT is a great research capability, but ScaleAI's production ready LLM not only learned from decades of intelligence collection but also explains how and when it received its mission critical intelligence. That's an operational imperative to earn commander trust.

Morgan Bishop

Computer Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

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AWS GovCloud

DISA IL4 and FedRAMP High Accredited



Infrastructure Agnostic

Kubernetes containerized platform


Processing & Alerting at Mission Scale

Get consistent updates and follow developments on topics of interest to make decisions on the latest reporting. Semantically parse the traffic; no booleans or keywords required.

Advanced Summary & Translation

Gain an understanding of operational highlights from unstructured documents. Reduce the cycle time required to translate, review, and discover relationships across thousands of documents.


Enhanced Course of Action Generation & Decision Making

Generate courses of action, close decision loops faster, and make informed decisions.

Advanced Summary & Translation

Gain an understanding of operational highlights from unstructured documents and convert orders into NATO format in selected languages.

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Text is the Universal Interface

Learn how large language models, prompt engineering, and text as a universal interface is the future of computing.

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Autonomy Table Stakes: DOD’s Data Layer

Learn how Scale provides the critical data layer in the software stack which will bring autonomy efforts out of the labs, into production, and onto the battlefield.

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Scale Achieves FedRAMP ‘In Process’ Designation for its AI Data Platform

Scale achieved the ‘In Process’ designation for its AI Data Platform by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a crucial milestone in the FedRAMP certification process.

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Why is ChatGPT so good?

OpenAI applied reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) to enhance ChatGPT. Understand the role RLHF plays in enhancing large language models and how to implement it.

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How much better is OpenAI’s newest GPT-3 model?

We evaluate davinci-003 across a range of classification, summarization, and generation tasks. We show where davinci-003 significantly outperforms the prior version and where it still has room to improve.

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Meet Claude: Anthropic’s rival to Chat GPT

A new LLM from Anthropic called Claude is competitive with ChatGPT and offers great promise. We evaluate both models head to head and give our thoughts on how they compare.

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Artificial Intelligence: The Next Level of Defense

Alexandr Wang

Alexandr Wang

CEO, Scale AI

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Level of Defense

Michael Harasimowicz

Michael Harasimowicz

Director of AI Innovation, Lockheed Martin.

Rachael Martin

Rachael Martin

Director NGA AI, NGA

Mark Valentine

Mark Valentine

Head of Federal, Scale AI

Deploy LLMs for the Federal Government