AI-powered decision-making for defense.

ChatGPT is a great research capability, but Scale AI’s production ready platform not only learned from decades of intelligence collection but also explains how and when it received its mission-critical intelligence. That’s an operational imperative to earn commander trust.

Morgan Bishop

Computer Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

To achieve decision advantage over adversaries in competition and conflict we must be able to condition, transform and aggregate data at the speed of war. LLMs are critical to our Corps vision of data centric warfare. We are thrilled to partner with the CDAO and Scale AI, in our data centric approach and operationalize this capability in our Scarlet Dragon series of exercises as we continue to refine our ability to out decide, out think and out perform any adversary.

COL Joe O’Callaghan

Fire Support Coordinator, XVIII Airborne Corps

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The U.S. intelligence community has spent an enormous amount of resources on collection but the sheer volume that returns is a huge problem. Scale’s LLMs are the tool that will allow the IC to finally and fully exploit all of that intelligence that has been collected.

Michael Burns

Deputy Director of Analysis, Central Intelligence Agency


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AWS GovCloud

DISA IL4 and FedRAMP High accredited


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Kubernetes containerized platform


Large Language Model Providers

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Use Cases

AI-Enhanced Mission Effects


Processing & Alerting at Mission Scale

Get consistent updates and follow developments on topics of interest to make decisions on the latest reporting.

Advanced Summary & Translation

Gain an understanding of operational highlights from unstructured documents. Reduce the cycle time required to translate, review, and discover relationships across thousands of documents.


Enhanced Course of Action Generation & Decision Making

Generate courses of action, close decision loops faster, and make informed decisions.

Advanced Summary & Translation

Gain an understanding of operational highlights from unstructured documents and convert orders into NATO format in selected languages.

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