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    Public Sector Data Engine

    Enhance AI model performance and reliability with industry-leading data annotations.

    Data Annotation

    Annotate diverse data types from text, video, geospatial, image and more. Quickly turnaround high-quality data with AI-assisted annotation tools and a team of subject matter experts.

    Data Curation

    Get unparalleled visibility into your data. Explore datasets through natural language search. Prioritize slices of data to annotate and address model vulnerabilities.

    Model Evaluation

    Compare model predictions to ground-truth data. Measure model performance over time. Pinpoint model weaknesses at granular object classifications.

    Why Scale

    Model Performance is Critical for National Security

    Model precision and accuracy are achieved with high-quality data powered by advanced AI software and subject matter experts.

    Advanced AI Software
    A unified platform for end-to-end ML Ops. Process and calibrate data, conduct benchmark testing and error-analysis, uncover edge-cases, and audit data annotations.
    State-of-the-Art Machine Learning
    Leverage machine learning strategies to accelerate and strategically approach data annotation. Curate diverse multimodal datasets, predict errors, and conduct uncertainty sampling.
    Human-in-the-Loop Expertise
    Leverage subject matter experts with decades of experience and clearance for quality assurance, red-teaming, and continuous iteration of annotation strategies.
    Scale has accelerated the improvement of our AI model's accuracy by providing a comprehensive data infrastructure component in addition to bringing cutting edge private sector technology to the DoD. Our model's accuracy have improved more in the 3 months working with Scale than in the last 15 months.

    Morgan Bishop

    Computer Scientist, U.S. Air Force


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