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Optimize language applications with human feedback

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    Content Generation

    • Copywriting

    • Summarization

    • Image caption generation

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    • Customer support

    • Q&A

    • Sentiment detection

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    Computer Programming

    • Code generation

    • Enhanced search

    • Extraction


Learn more about reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF)


Why is ChatGPT so good?

OpenAI applied reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) to enhance ChatGPT. Understand the role RLHF plays in enhancing large language models and how to implement it.

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How much better is OpenAI’s newest GPT-3 model?

We evaluate davinci-003 across a range of classification, summarization, and generation tasks. We show where davinci-003 significantly outperforms the prior version and where it still has room to improve.

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Meet Claude: Anthropic’s rival to Chat GPT

A new LLM from Anthropic called Claude is competitive with ChatGPT and offers great promise. We evaluate both models head to head and give our thoughts on how they compare.

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How to label 1M data points / week

How do you scalably maintain the quality of labels, without having annotators check each other’s work? Take a deep dive into how we solved this problem while working with OpenAI on fine tuning their GPT-2 model.

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what we do

Data Labeling for LLMs

high quality

Specialized Workforces

Generate best-in-class quality data with skilled annotators in domains including linguistics, programming, mathematics and many more.

flexible annotation

Instant Feedback Loop

Get the data you need with customized training workflows and a fast feedback loop with minimal overhead

proven scalability

Exponential Ramp

Quickly ramp up to production volumes without sacrificing quality. Our global workforce, combined with cutting-edge technology like advanced linting, ensures we deliver on complex labeling needs.

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