Use Cases

Augmented and Virtual Reality

What We Do

Collection, Annotation, and Synthetic Data Generation for Augmented and Virtual Reality


Collect High-Quality Data

Collect large volumes of high-quality real-world data

  • Well-trained global collector workforce

  • Diverse data types from egocentric videos to LiDAR full room scans

  • Automated duplicate detection, sensitive data recognition, and quality audit technology


Annotate Data at Scale

Quickly annotate large volumes of data at production quality

  • Support for a wide variety of annotation types including 3D cuboids, human keypoints, and dense point cloud segmentation

  • Industry-leading label quality at high volumes

  • Optimized with human-in-the-loop and ml-powered labeling tools


Synthetically Generated Data

Improve your datasets and optimize your model performance with Scale's Synthetic data

  • Generate unlimited amounts of high-quality, perfectly labeled data

  • Infinite varieties of diverse and representative synthetic human data

  • Realistically animated humans with full-body poses, gestures, and activities

How It Works

How We Provide High-Quality Data

Why Scale

Best-in-class data services to accelerate your capabilities.

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    Automatic Data Filtering

  • tag

    Ensure High-Quality Labels

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  • lock

    Manage Bias and Enable Privacy


Get the Data You Need
 for Your AR/VR Applications

  • example-1

    Dense Point Cloud Segmentation

  • example-1

    Complex Multimodal Annotation

  • example-1

    3D Static and Dynamic Cuboids

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  • example-1

    Multi-lingual Data Collection and Transcription

  • example-1

    Face and Eye Tracking


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