Scale partners with Deloitte to accelerate AI adoption across the U.S. government

by The Scale Team on June 28th, 2022

Scale partners with Deloitte to accelerate AI adoption across the U.S. government cover

At Scale, we are committed to partnering with the U.S. government and technology leaders to ensure U.S. investments in AI solve critical challenges. It’s imperative the U.S. government has access to, and is deploying, the best quality data and AI technology available. 

That's why we are excited to announce Scale has partnered with Deloitte, an awardee of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center's Data Readiness Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID) Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA). The JAIC DRAID is a five-year, $241 million BOA that enables Scale and Deloitte to support AI data preparation for the U.S. government. This partnership brings nearly $500M in total JAIC ceiling value to Scale. Scale’s technology will be readily available to all federal agencies and will empower the government to feel confident in leveraging AI and ML in their most important workflows.

With this partnership, Scale will provide services focused on data management, AI modeling and innovative development including:

  • High quality data integration, prep, labeling and management
  • Synthetic data generation 
  • NLP-enabled processing
  • Algorithm management
  • Innovative AI application development

Scale’s data-centric approach to its end-to-end AI platform provides the U.S. government with the support needed to manage the entire AI lifecycle, all while ensuring the highest quality data is incorporated. Using our technology, analysts and operators will be able to understand, visualize, curate, and collaborate on their data through process automation, enhanced decision support, and insight generation, faster and with greater accuracy.