Announcing Scale Forge: Available for Early Access

by The Scale Team on November 10th, 2022

Announcing Scale Forge: Available for Early Access  cover

Today, we’re excited to announce the Early Access of Scale Forge (Beta) for AI-generated product imagery in seconds. With just a few clicks, marketers and brands can create stunning visual content for ad creatives, campaigns, and social media. Learn more and sign-up for Early Access.

Unlocking Stunning Product Imagery

Currently, retailers and advertisers are limited by the amount and quality of product photography they have to create an engaging shopping experience for customers. The investment needed for photoshoots, scale of product catalogs, and the diverse tastes of audiences adds to this burden. This limits the growth of businesses, and ultimately their ability to communicate their story and unique product offering to their audience.

Building on top of our existing strengths and technology in eCommerce, we built Forge to solve this problem.

Catalog Forge

With Forge, we’re enabling customers to create AI-generated imagery via an easy-to-use design studio. Forge uses novel ML methods to allow for high-fidelity product and brand preservation for retail products. 

With Forge, teams can:

  1. Experiment and prototype quickly to decide the aesthetic of images
  2. Operationalize and scale product image generation to enable servicing thousands of brands and products
  3. Improve conversion with enhanced product images to maximize ROI  

To get started, simply provide your product image, select a scene or describe your own, and create imagery through two ways: 

  1. Scene Enrichment: Create unique customizable scenes to generate product images that align with your brand values and product identity. Retain the original pose of each image. Best for: rigid objects
  2. Full Transformation: Experiment with different poses, zoom levels, whole scenes, complementary products, and more. Only available for select demo products right now. Best for: clothing, fashion accessories

Forge enables you to create unique and memorable product images for your brand powered by AI.

New Era of Creativity in eCommerce and Retail 

We’re thrilled to introduce Scale Forge for eCommerce. We’re excited to see what companies can create once they have access to the best quality AI tools. At Scale, we believe investing in data is the key to unlocking success for eCommerce companies, and we’re just getting started. 

To get Early Access for Forge, sign-up for the waitlist.