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Scale AI: The Data Platform for Autonomy

by Jonathan Hudgins on October 3, 2022

Scale is the AI Infrastructure provider of record for the commercial autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, powering nearly every American commercial AV company’s perception and AI efforts. This experience informs our approach to defense autonomy applications. The development of successful Army Autonomy programs largely hinge on two factors: 

  1. AI Data Management. Deliberate collection, curation, processing and enterprise management of vast amounts of real-world, AI-ready training data.
  2. Enterprise ML Ops Infrastructure. Comprehensive, end-to-end infrastructure to develop, train, test, validate, deploy, and continuously iterate on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) models.

We currently execute billions of annotations per month, HD map 3,800 kilometers of roads per week, and are the industry leading AI perception data solution across the globe. Scale partners with self-driving vehicle companies training systems from small delivery cars to long-haul trucking and up-armored military vehicles. Our partners include Kodiak Robotics, Voyage, Optimus Ride, Toyota Research Institute, Embark, General Motors, Honda innovations, Oshkosh, and Nuro - the first autonomous ground delivery vehicle to receive DoT approval for public roads. Additionally, Scale is helping to develop autonomy in other unique domains, including (but not limited to) maritime vessels (Sea Machines), autonomous drones (Skydio), and autonomous warehouse systems (OTTO Motors). 

Through our in-house capabilities, direct partnerships and an extensive subcontractor network, Scale collects, curates and annotates more ground-based perception data than any other company in the world. Synthetic data can be created and used to train against unique edge-cases that Army autonomous vehicles would face in the field, and data from various sources can be fused and mapped for unparalleled autonomous perception.   

We are a $7B company with real-world applications at level 9 technology readiness. Scale has over 700 employees focused on cutting edge ML development, human-machine teaming, content and understanding, and development of novel applications for machine learning in the commercial and federal sectors. Our Modular Open System Architecture reduces cost and time to deployment, increases opportunities for iteration and upgrade, allows the government to pick and choose the tools and data it needs, and the data rights remain with the government. 

Scale supports the US Government in upholding democratic ideals. We’ve already done it with many other DoD organizations.

Come talk to us at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference in Washington, DC from 10-12 October, 2022 (booth 4032), check us out on LinkedIn, or contact us directly!

Jonathan Hudgins is a member of the Federal Team at Scale where he focuses on bringing Scale’s proven commercial solutions to solve Federal Government problems. Jonathan is a former active duty Air Force officer and F-15E Fighter Pilot.

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