Scale + Anthropic: Full-Stack Generative AI for Enterprises

by Scale Team on April 26th, 2023

Scale + Anthropic: Full-Stack Generative AI for Enterprises cover

Generative AI is capturing the imaginations of consumers and businesses alike. However, in this early era of adoption, most enterprises are yet to unlock true impact from this technology and are stuck in the experimental stages. Some are concerned about the security of their data and the reliability of model outputs. Others are overwhelmed by the many decisions to make regarding foundation models, prompt strategies, and tooling for developers. 

Scale and Anthropic are excited to announce our partnership to bring to market a full-stack solution for Generative AI applications with a focus on safety and responsibility. This collaboration enables customers to bring Generative AI applications to production and to capture business value from this incredible technology. 

Our partnership combines Anthropic’s Claude – a large language model guided by principles with the goal of creating outputs that are more consistent with human intent and values – with Scale’s enterprise-grade platform for app experimentation, development, and deployment.  

Customers will be able to make the most of Claude with Scale’s offerings:

  • Expert prompt engineering to guide users with the right prompt strategies and pre-built prompt templates, plus the ability to run experiments with different prompts.

  • Data connectors to leverage proprietary data from databases and applications such as Confluence, Google Drive, Outlook, etc.

  • Model validation through human evaluation to understand model blind spots and improve model performance, and features to continuously measure accuracy, brand alignment, and safety metrics, including sensitive content detection tailored to customers’ policies and brand.

  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security, including deployment in a customer’s AWS VPC and role-based access controls to ensure data and outputs are limited to the appropriate groups.

Scale and Anthropic believe this represents a significant step forward for enterprises seeking to rapidly move beyond experimentation with Generative AI models. Designed to address concerns around data security, and model performance and reliability, this collaboration provides an accessible, “all-in-one” approach for customers to confidently tap into the power of Generative AI.

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