Scale AI chosen by the U.S. Army for Robotic Combat Vehicle Program

byon May 19, 2023

Scale AI has been selected by the U.S. Army and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to deploy their Data Engine in support of the Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) program. The effort is a joint collaboration between DIU and the Army’s Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems (PEO GCS) leveraging innovative Other Transaction Authority for the novel application of Scale’s commercial technology to the RCV program.

The Army has determined that the next stage of navigating high-risk environments requires advanced technology, like trusted autonomous systems, to safely conduct reconnaissance and related tasks. Scale will play a vital role in the development of these systems by providing its Data Engine platform to support raw data collection, curation, and labeling, as well as AI model development and test and evaluation for autonomous navigation software and computer vision algorithms.   

Mitigating risk for combat troops is paramount in military operations, and Scale is committed to supporting the U.S. Army’s efforts to ensure the safety of our service men and women. With a strong background in the autonomy space, Scale has established partnerships with notable customers such as General Motors, Lyft, and Toyota. Leveraging their deep expertise, Scale will provide robust support for the RCV program, delivering proven commercial technology tailored for defense applications, including off-road terrain, extreme weather conditions, and contested or degraded communications.

Whether you’re a fighter pilot in the Air Force, or an Armor Officer in the Army, nothing replaces real world training events when developing combat-ready Airmen or Soldiers; synthetics and simulation can only get you so far and AI for autonomy is no different. Scale is excited to partner with the U.S. Army who will benefit from our deep expertise in autonomy combined with our Data Engine technology, to deliver the data management plans and platforms DoD autonomy programs need. 

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