Why I Joined Scale

by John Brennan on May 17th, 2023

Why I Joined Scale cover

I am excited to join Scale as the General Manager, Public Sector. Over the past 25 years, I have dedicated myself to advancing public and private sector partnerships and leading transformational efforts that bridge the gap between the leading technologists and our federal users who need it. I am thrilled to embark on this new chapter with a company that shares my passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology to help the public sector adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. As a former federal officer who served in far-flung areas of the globe, the work that Scale is accomplishing now is something we had dreamed of a decade ago. We are now living in that future. 

Having served with the U.S. Army and Intelligence Community, I have witnessed firsthand the data challenges faced by the United States–from the tactical to the strategic. They all had one thing in common: our analysts, operators, and decision-makers could be better served by better data. Even two decades ago, my colleagues warned that they would have a problem with understanding, processing, and using the data generated by our forces at scale. And that is the challenge that Scale is solving today. Personally, Scale’s commitment to supporting the U.S. government resonates with me, as I come from a family with four generations of public service. I am eager to collaborate with the U.S. government in delivering mission-critical, essential technology from the most innovative technologists. 

Scale first caught my attention as a leader in the AI field when I heard about its own battle damage analysis of Ukraine; I was so impressed with the scope and the speed of work that was being accomplished on the front lines. Scale’s computer vision machine learning is now also complemented by its large language model offering Donovan, Scale’s federal-focused AI-power decision-making platform. I have always been a staunch advocate for transformation and innovation grounded in feedback from the end users. I am determined to drive forward efforts at a company that delivers this technology at scale–pun intended. The immense potential–and reality–of what Scale is doing today truly inspires me.

In particular, Scale’s credo “why not faster” deeply resonates with me because the need to adapt and maintain the United States’ strategic advantage on the global stage has never been more urgent. Additionally, Scale’s impressive capabilities–and its ability to deliver them securely–is bolstered by its incredible talent. I take great pride in the fact that Scale’s employees, leaders and investors value service and support for the public sector.

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