SiaSearch Acquisition: Delivering the Full Data Engine to Our Customers

by Scale Team on November 3rd, 2021

SiaSearch Acquisition: Delivering the Full Data Engine to Our Customers cover

Today we are excited to welcome SiaSearch, a leading data management platform, to Scale. We acquired SiaSearch, a spin-off of the European AI venture studio Merantix, to enable us to expand Scale’s suite of tools for every AI team, broaden our footprint in European markets, and deepen the technical expertise of the company.

We know that the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry is one of the best breeding grounds for AI technology. SiaSearch’s Berlin-based team brings experienced, high-caliber engineers from the European AV industry to Scale, which will help us deliver world-class AI solutions to support the complete machine learning lifecycle. The SiaSearch team will join Scale's Nucleus business unit as we grow our platform to support more data types and use cases across a wide array of industries and markets.

SiaSearch’s unique interval querying engine, which is inspired by algorithms originally designed for large-scale analysis of DNA sequences, allows for lightning-fast search across massive video and LiDAR datasets and complements what Scale is building with Nucleus. We are excited to weave the SiaSearch technology into the Nucleus product, accelerating development and improving the developer user experience. We see even more potential down the line to incorporate SiaSearch’s world-class team and technology throughout our entire suite of products.

Merantix and the SiaSearch team have a strong network in Europe and have partnered with the world’s leading automakers, including Porsche and Volkswagen. We’re thrilled to expand Scale’s footprint to Germany and look forward to working with SiaSearch’s customers and networks to significantly increase our ability to serve European-based customers.

We’re excited for what the future holds with this latest addition to our team, and we’re always looking for new opportunities. If you are interested in joining this incredible team, check out our open positions. Or, if you’re interested in partnering with us, please reach out.