Luminar & Scale: Enhancing LiDAR Perception for Autonomous Driving


Collaborative Effort Aims to Refine Luminar's AI/ML-based LiDAR Models

Scale partnered with Luminar to improve the performance of LiDAR perception software. The goal was to refine Luminar’s foundational AI/ML-based LiDAR perception models for autonomous driving and advanced safety applications. This collaboration aimed to address data labeling efficiency and throughput, identify areas of improvement in model performance, and create ground truth data sets of LiDAR perception technologies. 


The Problem

Automotive Industry Demands High-Performance Perception Software

The automotive industry demands perception software that meets high performance targets on large and diverse data sets. This requires significant volumes of highly precise labeled point cloud data. While Luminar had previously developed an in-house data labeling program, as a LiDAR technology company, Luminar found it more efficient to partner with Scale for all labeling needs. 

The Solution

Accelerates Labeling Process and Optimizes Data Utilization

Luminar has been able to leverage Scale's data tools to significantly accelerate the labeling process while optimizing data utilization. Luminar and Scale partnered to label LiDAR data, identify edge cases in those data sets, and evaluate model performance. This partnership has facilitated advanced machine learning and AI models tailored to meet the needs of next generation vehicle safety and autonomy. This strategic partnership aims to ensure AI systems' safety and reliability, with a particular focus on developing sophisticated algorithms capable of efficiently processing LiDAR point clouds.

The Result

Improved Accuracy in Object Detection and Classification

Through the partnership with Scale, Luminar’s models have improved in accuracy in both object detection and classification, as well as semantic segmentation for road and lane classification. These improvements are integral to Luminar’s Proactive Safety™ and Highway Autonomy software in development. 


Looking forward, Luminar and Scale will continue their strategic partnership to explore new initiatives to improve LiDAR technology.  This collaboration will focus on continuing to label high volumes of data, both single-frame and multi-frame, and building transformational models to enhance LiDAR perception software. Luminar and Scale’s partnership aims to set new industry standards for the development and validation of safer and more performant advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions.