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Scale is pleased to announce a trial version of Donovan, our AI-powered decision-making platform that can help operators and analysts understand, plan, and act in minutes. Donovan ingests and synthesizes vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to enable U.S. government users to make sense of real-world data in minutes using simple natural language. This trial experience is exclusively for U.S. government employees with a verified email address. With no training U.S. government users can search a sample of pre-loaded open-source national security and government data sets using Scale’s platform. We hope this will give you a glimpse into the experience of what it would be like to apply Scale’s technology to your own custom datasets on classified or unclassified networks. We would welcome your feedback on Donovan and the user experience as we refine it and develop new features for U.S. government users.

Donovan Trial Details

This program is available to all U.S. Government employees and military service members with a verified .gov or .mil email address. Access to Donovan will be granted on a rolling basis to allow verified users to explore our decision-making platform for fourteen days. After your official email address is verified, you will be able to create an account and access the platform using a personal or official email of your choice on U.S. Government or non-U.S. Government systems.

Six preloaded data sets are available to search as part of the trial. Scale customers can upload their own datasets.

  • Technical think tank reports on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and microelectronics coming out of China.
  • Counternarcotics documents, including commercial and federal reporting on counter-trafficking operations. 
  • Chinese technical documents, including technical research reports written in Mandarin.
  • Cloud environment management documents.
  • A collection of unclassified, public assessments of Chinese military capabilities and doctrine from the Defense Intelligence Agency, students from the National Defense University, the Army War College, the Navy War College, and the Air War College.

Terms & Conditions

Scale AI Donovan, support services, professional services, and training are Commercial Computer Software, Commercial Products, and Commercial Services as those terms are defined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 2.101. US Government Customers and End Users acknowledge and agree that access to and use of Scale software and services, including this Trial Offer are subject to the terms of Scale's Main Services Agreement (MSA) in accordance with FAR 12.212 / Defense FAR Supplement 227.7202. 

This Scale Donovan Trial Offer is extended to U.S. Government personnel for one fourteen-day period per employee. For FAR Part 10 Market Research purposes concerning the capabilities of commercial Large Language Model platforms for the government. This Trial is not intended for US Government production data or use for official governmental purposes. US Government End Users of this Trial Offer acknowledge and agree that End Users will not attempt to upload US Government Data or to use the Trial for US Government official purposes.  

Scale offers multiple solutions to support Scale Donovan demonstrations utilizing Agency-specific US government data at up to the CUI level (e.g. Gratuitous Services Agreements; Software Demonstration Agreements). To schedule a demonstration please contact

ChatGPT is a great research capability, but Scale AI’s production ready platform not only learned from decades of intelligence collection but also explains how and when it received its mission-critical intelligence. That’s an operational imperative to earn commander trust.

Morgan Bishop

Computer Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

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The U.S. intelligence community has spent an enormous amount of resources on collection but the sheer volume that returns is a huge problem. Scale’s LLMs are the tool that will allow the IC to finally and fully exploit all of that intelligence that has been collected.

Michael Burns

Former Deputy Director of Analysis, Central Intelligence Agency


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AWS GovCloud

DISA IL4 and FedRAMP High accredited (In Process)


Available on classified networks

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Kubernetes containerized platform


Large Language Model Providers

Cohere: Co:mmand

Use Cases

AI-Enhanced Mission Effects


Processing & Alerting at Mission Scale

Get consistent updates and follow developments on topics of interest to make decisions on the latest reporting.

Advanced Summary & Translation

Gain an understanding of operational highlights from unstructured documents. Reduce the cycle time required to translate, review, and discover relationships across thousands of documents.


Enhanced Course of Action Generation & Decision Making

Generate courses of action, close decision loops faster, and make informed decisions.

Advanced Summary & Translation

Gain an understanding of operational highlights from unstructured documents and convert orders into NATO format in selected languages.


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