Generative AI Evaluation for Enterprise

Bridge the trust gap to deploy production-grade genAI applications.

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The challenge

Lack of Trust Stalls Enterprise AI Adoption

Only 10% of enterprises have Gen AI in production, and more than 30% of Gen AI projects are abandoned after POC. The number one reason why companies stall is a lack of trust stemming from:

Poor Performance

Models hallucinate, exhibit unsafe behavior, or pose security risks.

Unproven ROI

Use cases are not adopted and targeted workflows remain unchanged.

Escalating Costs

Unmonitored usage leads to extensive cloud or vendor bills.

The Solution

Bridge the Trust Gap for Enterprise Gen AI

The path to deploying with confidence in production is to systematically evaluate, improve and monitor GenAI systems for performance, safety, and reliability.

Get Trusted Insights

Use the trusted evaluation and benchmarking system for enterprise-grade GenAI.

Ensure Safety and Reliability

Avoid bias, hallucinations, poor accuracy, harmful responses, and malicious behavior.

Monitor for Peace of Mind

Keep track of latency and cost and get alerted for any issues or regressions.

How it Works

How the Scale GenAI Platform Evaluates Applications

Trust in AI is earned through better data. Scale GenAI Platform combines automated evaluations with an expert workforce for human evaluations to build a “Trust Feedback Loop” of evaluation, improvement and monitoring.

Measure your AI

Automatically test your GenAI system against auto-generated evaluation datasets as well as against Scale’s industry leading proprietary benchmark datasets.
Set your own bar

Set your own bar

Augment our industry best practice rubrics and datasets with custom metrics and datasets tailored for your domain and use case.

Verify with Human-in-the-Loop (HiTL)

Ensure quality control of auto-evaluation with industry-leading, efficient HiTL evaluation for the highest complexity test cases.
Verify with Human-in-the-Loop (HiTL)


Programmatically turn your evaluations into actions that improve your GenAI systems through RAG optimization and fine-tuning, then see your scores improve over time.


Monitor production traffic to surface quality metrics, issues and alerts. Detect anomalies (e.g. prompts that are not covered by your evaluation datasets) to add them to your test suite.

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