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Chegg is working on a wide variety of use cases to enable our students to achieve their learning goals and Scale delivered. Scale's team, platform, and model customization is helping us turn our proprietary data into our most powerful personalized learning assistant that students can expect to love.

Nathan Schultz

Chief Operating Officer, Chegg

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Scale Enterprise Generative AI Platform

Build and Deploy Generative AI Applications for your Business

Enterprise Challenges

Challenges with Implementing Generative AI

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    Customization Requirements

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    Observability and Reliability

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    Security and Safety Risks

How we solve your challenges

Customized With Your Data to Solve Your Unique Challenges

Spellbook Developer Platform

Build, Compare, and Deploy Generative AI Applications

Security and Safety Built-in

Enterprise-Grade Safety and Security

Scale’s Generative AI Platform is deployed to secure infrastructure with built-in access controls and safety features to keep your enterprise data secure.

  • Scale’s Generative AI Platform is deployed in your VPC or hosted by Scale with role-based access controls, ensuring your proprietary data, PII, and model interaction history is kept secure.

  • With Scale’s industry-leading fine-tuning, RLHF, and prompt engineering, ensure that generated knowledge is factually correct and aligned with your policies and brand.

  • Comprehensive and scalable sensitive content detection, including red teaming, that is tailored to your policies and brand.


Pre-Built Apps to Accelerate Your Business

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Our partnership focuses on helping companies and government organizations customize pre-trained foundation models with their proprietary data to achieve enterprise value.

Lan Guan

Senior Managing Director, Accenture

Return on Investment

How We Unlock Value for Your Business

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