OCR Transcription

Accurate and cost effective OCR and Image Transcription via API.

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Use Cases

Flexible platform to support all use cases

Our combination of humans and machine learning is built to solve a wide range of use cases. Our goal is to power innovation, wherever that may be.

Invoice Transcription

Invoice Transcription

Form Transcription

Form Transcription

Business Card Transcription

Business Card Transcription

Receipt Transcription

Receipt Transcription

Menu Transcription

Menu Transcription

Image OCR

Image OCR

How It Works

We make it easy to start, optimize, and scale

Send image or sensor data through our simple API and receive segmented and labeled ground truth data.

"Transcribe the given fields."

  instruction: 'Transcribe the given fields.',
  attachment: 'http://s3.amazon.com/img/receipt.jpg',
  fields: {
    store_name: 'Store Name',
    invoice_date: 'Invoice Date',
    total: 'Total'
}, (err, task) => {
  // do something with task
2Cold brew on draftMay 20th 2017 9:16 AM4Hot Chocolate$10$16Total:$26
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Integrated with machine learning

We apply machine learning in a multitude of ways to make our workforce more efficient and ensure impeccable quality and accuracy.

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Customer Success Engineering

Each customer is paired with a dedicated customer success engineer who ensures smooth integration and service.

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Built for scale

We process millions of tasks each month and are built to rapidly scale up and down to meet your requirements.

OpenAI threw a bunch of tasks at Scale with difficult characteristics, including tight latency requirements and significant ambiguity in correct answers. In response, Scale worked closely with us to adjust their QA systems to our needs.Geoffrey IrvingGeoffrey IrvingMember of Technical Staff, OpenAI
Ready for enterprise

Custom Annual Plans and SLAs

Get started today with on-demand, or chat with us about an enterprise plan.

Guaranteed Task Completion Time

Enterprise-grade SLAs include task completion times and tasks can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet your needs.

24/7 Development Support

Each enterprise customer is paired with a dedicated customer success manager who will ensure smooth integration and continued service.

Slack chat serviceSlack chat service

Cost Effective

Enterprise engagements include upfront and volume-based discounts, and is the most cost-effective solution for high-quality labels. Plus with Scale, there are no platform fees.

Quality Assurance

Best-In-Class Quality Choice

Industry leading quality datasets safe-guarded against ever-changing, messy data.

Super Human Quality

Our tasks are annotated by trained and qualified workers with additional layers of both human, data and machine learning driven quality control checks.

The resulting accuracy is consistently much higher than what a human or synthetic labeling approach can achieve independently, as measured against rigorous quality areas for each annotation.

Scale's dashboard
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Our Customers

Scale is Trusted by World Class Companies

We already support machine learning for some of the biggest autonomous vehicle and computer vision companies in the world.