Introducing a New Look for Scale AI Products

byon April 20, 2020

Notice any changes to our website?

The Scale AI team is excited to introduce a new look and new structure for our

product line-up. Scale AI was founded almost four years ago because we

believed that high quality training data is the key bottleneck to the

development of AI applications. Thanks to feedback from incredible customers,

we have significantly expanded our data annotation products over the years to

support an increasing range of data inputs and annotation types for computer

vision and natural language (NLP) applications.

As we expanded our data annotation capabilities, it became clear that we

needed a better way to group and name our products to reflect both the current

state and future vision of our product offering.

What exactly are the changes?

Sensor Fusion Cuboids and Sensor Fusion Segmentation is now one product called

Scale 3D Sensor Fusion.

3D Cuboids, Bounding Boxes, Image Categorization, Lines & Splines,

Polygons and Semantic Segmentation are also now one product called

Scale Image with an

addition of Point Annotation.

Video Annotation is now

Scale Video, and has been expanded to include classification, cuboid and polygon

annotation in addition to the existing bounding box annotation.

Our Natural Language products have been updated to

Scale Text with

Scale Audio currently in private beta.

You may also wonder, “how does this product restructure affect me?” If you are

one of our amazing customers, from a practical standpoint, impact to you is

minimal. While the product names are different, the products themselves are

still the same, and we will continue to deliver data at the quality you

expect. If you’re learning about Scale AI for the first time, we hope this

rebrand allows you to better understand our full product suite and its


What’s Next?

The Scale AI team remains committed to delivering products customers love and

rely on. We are grateful for all of our incredible and innovative customers

for their support. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be announcing and

rolling out new products and additional annotation types to existing products.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about todays's announcement, reach

out to us at Otherwise, we invite you to explore our

updated product line up.

The future of your industry starts here.