Accelerating AI Readiness for the U.S. Government

Scale is a sophisticated technical partner that provides artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for critical U.S. government platforms, sensor systems, and data types. We set the commercial standard, lead the market, and apply those capabilities to our federal work.


Use Cases

Mission-Critical Tools

Scale empowers government agencies to leverage AI and ML in their most important workflows. Analysts and operators are aided in their mission objectives through process automation, enhanced decision support, and insight generation.

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    Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

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    Data Management

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    Synthetic Aperture Radar

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    Sensor Fusion

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How It Works

End-to-End AI Solution

Scale’s technology enables teams to manage their entire ML lifecycle from dataset management, data selection, data annotation, to model development - all in one place. With the Scale Nucleus Data Management Platform, teams can understand, visualize, curate, and collaborate on their data – allowing engineers to build better models via a powerful interface and APIs.

Data Management Platform

Why Scale


Scale is committed to partnering with the U.S. government and technology leaders to modernize the future of federal across agencies, ensuring U.S. investments in AI lead to successful deployments of new technologies.

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    Scale partners with the largest technology companies in the world on their most ambitious AI initiatives.

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    Scale is trusted by the largest U.S. government agency to support their data and analytics needs.

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    Safety Critical

    Scale is the market leader in the autonomous vehicles industry, providing data for safety critical applications.

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    Execution Speed

    Scale annotates billions of data points and takes models from pilot to deployment in weeks, not years.

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    Automated Accuracy

    Scale’s automated quality checks and operational excellence delivers 99.5%+ accuracy across data pipelines.

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    Industry-Leading Software

    Scale provides a modular, end-to-end platform tailored to your needs and AI expertise.

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Footnotes: Original ISR image (pre-annotation): VHR-10 Dataset Coco (c) 2019 chaozhong2010.

Data Managment image: VHR-10 Dataset Coco (c) 2019 chaozhong2010 in Scale Nucleus interface

Original SAR image (pre-annotation): The SpaceNet Dataset by SpaceNet Partners is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Changes were made to the image by adding annotation.